Other Scientific Activities

Retreat & Seminars


IMPRS doctoral students should participate twice in a 3-4 days retreat during their doctorate and they should support the organisation of at least one.

Among providing workshops and courses on relevant topics to doctoral students, the retreat includes social networking activities such as hiking, yoga, cooking and archery depending on the location of choice and what is available onsite.These are meant to provide a platform to exchange experiences of their research as well as their personal challenges and how they have managed to overcome these, in hope to provide guidedance between each other.

Futhermore, during the retreats all doctoral students are asked to present their work in the form of a poster (newcomers) or talk (more senior students). This allows them to share their research with fellows in a relaxed environment without the pressures to perform and impress, as can be the case in work conference. The exchange of current projects within the IMPRS program hopefully leads to learning opportunities, feedback from same level colleagues and to fututre collaborations.


During the entire doctorate, it is expected that each doctoral student attends and actively participates in their research group meetings and seminars as well as in the departmental lectures offered by their affiliations and of course as guests in each others, as deemed necessary by the doctoral student and TAC members.

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