Introduction Week


Each year, the IMPRS-QBEE will organise an introduction week(s) for its latest cohort in-take. The courses outlined in this section are relevant to all IMPRS doctoral students. The welcome week is for the participants, to serve as an opportunity to strengthen their own ties between each other as newcomers to the program.

The introduction week will also provide initial on-boarding information of the MPI-AB institute, the University of Konstanz and German policies that especially our international students will be lacking. A special emphasis on the laws in Baden-Württemberg state on research and animal ethics will also be provided at this stage.

The introduction week will take place at the start of each October, and offers preparatory transferable skill course, a course on statistical thinking (2nd week) and provides the latest dates for upcoming courses on Good Scientific Practices (GSP). GSP course is mandatory to graduate with the University of Konstanz and ideally should be taken during the initial stage of your degree.

The coordinator will send the Introduction week program to each expected participant in due time.

Preparatory course: “From the PhD-Odyssey to Project Management” 

The results from the workshop are finetuned to support participants in preparing their project proposals for their first TAC meeting, as well as to: 

  • manage the different phases of their doctoral degree effectively,
  • understand for whom they are looking for as a mentor, and
  • manage their workload and assess their individual progress.

Statistical Modules 1 and 2 combined:Introductory Statistics and Bayesian Data Analyses Using Linear Models with R and Stan: LM and LMM“. The course will follow the book Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology Using Linear Models with R, BUGS, and Stan by Korner-Nievergelt et al. (2015) Elsevier. 

The course is not an R-programming course. You will benefit more, if you are already familiar with basics of R before the course, e.g.

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