Logos & Headers

...so, which one do I use? (or download full manual below)

As with many things in life, many approaches will work out okay but some will have better results
than others. Here is some general information and suggestions to make things look their best:
The files in the logo directory are named as follows:

1. description of defining features: Right now this may say “QBEE” for the standard logo, “minerva” for the dual logos with MPI, or “justBee” for the bee icon alone.

2. the color in the logo: “Color” is full color with black text/accents, “Invert” is color with white text/accents, “White” is the logo consisting entirely of white shades for use on colors or black.
3. size: these values are given in pixels. If you recall from the previous page, it is 72 pixels/inch on screen and 300 pixels/inch in print. When in doubt, drop one in to see how looks then grab a bigger one if need be. For, they roughly correspond to quarter-page print (600px), half-page print (1200px), and full-page print (2400px).
4. extension: refer to the previous page on what to look out for here.
So, for example, if you’re making a poster in Powerpoint or Keynote and you need a logo, you would likely want a full-color, raster version large enough to print visibly. You never want to scale images up if you can avoid it, so and the logo size that is closest to your requirements and scale it down a little as needed. The less image work you ask of document layout or presentation programs, the better the result will be. So you might look for something like QBEE-color-1200w.png, which would give you a color logo with enough pixels to print approximately 10cm wide.

Link to different logos in versions color, black&white, inverted:

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