Outreach Activites


Outreach is more than part of your /our curriculum. It is an important component of communicating and enhancing the visibility and comprehension of your own scientific results, both to your fellow scientists as well as to public in general.

Why is this so important? All research funding in Germany are from public sources, be it from the MPI-AB (federal funding), University of Konstanz (state funding) or even if you are a scholarship holder this is generally still the case (e.g. DAAD). Therefore, it has never been more important to share your/our research be it with Open Source, pre-print, writing a news article, teaching a school class full of next generation pupils or attending a research conference. In this way, you are giving back to the community that is funding you. Showing them your results makes it clear why it is important to financial provide these funds for you and the future generation likewise.

Use the IMPRS-QBEE logos provided under links and downloads, mention IMPRS-QBEE school in affiliations and in the case where funding was provided by the IMPRS-QBEE, this should be recognised in the acknowledgements of any form of publication and poster presentations.

Teaching younger students, school children and even kindergarteners is also part of outreach and an opportunity to have a positive effect on what and how much is shared with the little ones. Don’t let the fact that you might not be fluent in German deter you from taking action. Perhaps, the teacher would be willing to support you in translating or you could ask a German speaking colleague to join. MaxCine, can help you find your target audience.

Remember to apply for conference funding and to submit your outreach experiences with the coordination office.


A central scientific outreach unit, informing about science, experiencing research, travelling digitally in nature and actively shaping the future on our planet – these are the aspects on which the public relations work at MaxCine focuses. 

Outreach Activities by IMPRS Students

Andrea Meltzer giving a talk at NABU

Andrea Meltzer giving a talk at NABU

Outreach Activites
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