What we offer

The IMPRS-QBEE is a structured graduate program for outstanding doctoral students from around the world whose research interests lie within the fields of animal behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology and neurobiology and are seeking a starting platform with a stimulating and competitive environment to give their careers a boost.

The IMPRS-QBEE that started in January, 2022 represents an integrated theoretical and experimental research program for doctoral students studying different organisms from plants to protozoa to mammals. It will allow doctoral students to investigate fundamental questions such as how can plant species coexist, how do plants, microbes and animals interact, how and why has social behaviour evolved, how ecological changes might drive evolutionary processes, how large ecological systems adapt or not to rapid changes, what are the neural mechanisms underlying simple to complex behaviours, how do large animal societies emerge and function, and what drives animal migration and how is it affected by global developments. Experimental work can be carried out in both the laboratory and the field. It is complemented by highly quantitative approaches and the use of new emerging technologies.

Once you have successfully applied to the IMPRS-QBEE program after our annual selection symposium in Konstanz and are board accepted shortly thereafter, whether as an external applicant or 2nd track candidate (meaning you have already started your doctorate with a faculty member of the IMPRS-QBEE but still need to apply to the program), then you will receive the chance to take part in all of the offered courses but also to apply for funding opportunities, see Infos & Downloads for more details.  


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